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BCM gunfighter Charging handle

Get the hell out of here!! Way over priced for what its worth in my opinion. I mean really 50 bucks?? Unless you just have a 50 spot to blow, stick with your oem charging handle. That is unless you want to be all tacti-cool with all the shizzy, snip, snap snap goodies..

I really don't find this charging handle to be all that great. yeah sure the "tacti-latch" should not break, I repeat should not break. The finish I find not to be very friendly to staying lubed. The Finish seems to suck up the oil as if it was created by some, oil gobbling space creature sent to piss me off, by the intergalactic ar15 cosmic bling crew. This finish sucks.. I believe it to be some sort of duracoat. No where as smooth of a finish as a standard mill spec charging handle.

When I put the micrometer to it, the tolerances are the same. That being said, you still get the same wiggle up,down,left,right at the end of the charge. It will still wear the hell out of the right side.

I don't know, hopefully its just me. But for 50 hard backs I expected it to be a whole new design on the wheel. I guess it is for those who like the latch. I'm going to have to give it a big WTF for the average range plinker...

The more I look at this product the more Im inclined to just say, damned if you do, damned if you don't!! This thing better have a lifetime warranty. I should have just got the gas-buster ch for my 9mm upper. Since I ordered a YHM can last month.

Live and learn!!


  1. This is a rare occation where we disagree my friend. I'm stickin to my guns (pun inteaded) of my feelings on the BCM CH. I love mine!!!! It's a way more positive feel and the latch is awesome. The Gas Buster is $95+ dude. Is the Gas Buster that much better? I don't know? An OEM CH is $20 bucks the BCM is $45. I feel its worth the extra $25 bucks for the CH. Is it worth swapping out your excisting CH and spending the $45? I think it is. Hell I bought 2!!!!

  2. Very well done and I am not talking about my steak. I enjoyed the read and learned not to throw 50 bills Great job.