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Hand gun shooting tips

Tip #1

No firearm needed to practice this.

  Practice drawing your "hand" from the holstered position. Bringing your shooting hand up to eye level and pointing your finger. Choose a stationary object. Be sure to point your finger and hold your wrist as you would hold your hand gun. The angle can change, depending on the firearm you have chosen. During the target acquisition be sure to sight down your hand and finger to be sure your pointing at the object. Repeat this several times and before shooting.

  Once you feel that you are pointing constantly at the object, add other stationary objects to move from one to the other. Now draw, point at object 1, then object 2, and so on and so on. Then repeat! It is all about the repetition. Over time you will build muscle memory that leads to speed and accuracy. Mostly in this exercise you will help to build upon your hand eye coordination, that will be added to other exercises in the future. Slow is smooth, and smooth is fast. No need to rush it.

  I will do a more detailed video on this in the future. Stay tuned, stay safe, and don't poke your eye out. LOL

Tip #2
After lots and lots of point practice. Implement your unloaded firearm. Be sure there is no ammunition in the same room with you. Now you should be quicker to point the front sight. Don't worry so much about the rear sight. Just watch the front, use both eyes and focus on the target.

Tip #3

Using both eyes to shoot will give you a wider range of view and you will be able to focus on the target better. Don't look at the front sight. Look past it but keep it in your line of sight. Remember If you cant see the target you more than likely cant hit it.

Tip #4

Old one but good one!

When draw practicing with your glock after point practice. Put a piece of card board in between your slide and barrel to free up the trigger. This will help with you feeling a smooth trigger pull. Combine this with tip #1. It will also save time on not having to reset the trigger. Do this before you begin trigger pull/break feel.


More tips to come!! Check back often