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Ever wonder where the Cadilac emblem will go on your AR15?

I see a ton of AR-15 pictures and videos. Every time I watch one, I wonder where the Cadillac Emblem would go. I have always been bum-foogled to see all the gadgets. Trust me, I like gadgets, but do they all serve a useful purpose? How often is the rifle in the safe? Dollar for dollar does the usefulness and assistance factor in shooting equal out? Better yet, is it a stature or manly thing?

Why is it we feel more like a man when we have two hundred dollar rails, and one hundred dollar lights and eight to two thousand dollar or more optics? I do not think I or anyone will ever figure out this riddle. The accessories industry has grown leaps and bounds. The more I visit forums the more I see. Are we as consumers brain washed to think our rifle is junk if we do not have there products?

When I visit the range or attend local shoots with my friends I have in the past looked at each rifle as if it was a Billboard. Like a shoot-able advertisement. Some rifles are decked with all types of goodies. Mostly from the same company. Like magpul products. I wondered why this is? Occasionally I would ask the guy next to me, why? I would get the answer I expected, but mostly it just boiled down to why not.

Dollar for dollar I find the magpul products to be the best in the function and cost department. I began with a miad grip and trigger guard. I was so impressed with its texture and functionality I decided to get there new AFG (angled fore grip) being as I tended to shoot with my thumb along the left rail anyways. Wow, was I blown away! It was what I needed from the beginning. To boot that with its cost! The afg was incredibly cheaper than my tango down fg.

I have always wanted to pick up a CTR stock.. I wound up ordering the CTR and the AFG at the same time. HOLY BIG DIFFERENCES BAT MAN! I can't put my finger on where the comfort factor comes from but it is the digity, you know, snap shizzle snap snap!! Sweetness.

Now after I have been able to get out to the range several times over the past month and a half. I am sold on these products. Yet, I now look at my rifle and there it is.. A ADVERTISEMENT for magpul. I guess the answer to my original question has been answered. Some folks are just drawn to a manufacturer products for there functionality. Despite the cost. For me the cost factor is huge part. Although I don't seem to mind it with magpul because of there reasonable prices compared to some. Perhaps its the polymer, or relative new business. Either way Im sold and look forward to testing out there sight systems.

Other than that, I need to decide where to put my Cadillac emblem!!



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  2. Man this is a good topic. I have the same feelings towards tools as I do my guns. I have a S&W 642 .38 snubbie with a $300 lasergrips on a gun designed to shoot 10 Also I have a Kimber Ultracarry .45 with Meprolight night sights AND Crimson Trace lasergrips...which one am I gonna depend on if the SHTF? The same goes for tools. Im a licensed Journeyman plumber in Tx and I can not go to a supply house without buying the newest,shiniest tool that does the job of a tool that I already have. I buy specialty tools for that "just in case" situation. I think we buy things to satsify a need just like women buy 10,000 shoes that collect dust. But at least we show everybody our gear and gadgets unlike them damn shoes collecting dust in the closet(with no resale value). Oh well I guess Im gonna need to find a spot on my van for my Cadillac symbol.

  3. This is a subject that you have brought to my attention, and had a huge influence on me selling my eotechs etc., and used the money from the sale to purchase less expensive products that are just as good and better is some cases. I'm more accurate with the %265 Millett set-up than the $900 eotech set-up.

  4. The cadillac emblem goes above the front sight post.